So How and Why Did 6X6 Happen?

How did 6×6 come about?

One of the hardest parts of writing for the legions of authors out there in the wide world is not in the writing, though that is hard enough, but in connecting with their audience. Networking via the various online platforms does reach a long way, and in many cases makes it that much easier. But there is nothing quite like meeting readers and connecting with them face to face.

The lack of bricks and mortar bookshops is make the traditional book signing and/or launch party far less frequent, and Library Services are stretched to capacity so that the reading slots at a time when the readership are not at work (evenings) grow fewer by the year.

With that in mind is was back in 2015 that several authors in the region got together and approached City Central Library in Hanley with a proposal for a series of events enabling authors to showcase their work at the sort of event that would normally be unavailable to them – and thus 6×6 was born!

6×6 is all about getting the work of authors in our region out there to the reading public so come along and hear them roar! (And maybe even buy a book or three!)

Huge thanks go to the staff of City Central Library in Hanley for allowing us the opportunity to strut our collective stuff!