All about this months 6×6 writers and their books

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We are thrilled to have have no less than three books being promoted in the month’s 6×6! Bring your wallets because there will be books to buy!

In alphabetical order:

Misha Herwin: Shadows on the Grass. Publisher Penkhull Press

“Every family has its secrets. In the nineteen-sixties Bristol, seventeen-year-old Kate is torn between the new sexual freedom and her rigid Catholic upbringing. Mimi, her grandmother, is dying and in her final hours, her cousin, the Princess, keeps watch at her bedside and remembers their past, bound together by a terrible betrayal. And Mimi’s daughter Hannah struggles to keep the peace between her daughter and her husband whilst finding her own way through a post-war world in a foreign land where everything she once knew has been swept away.” (Available in Print and Kindle formats.)

Misha Herwin: is a writer of books and short stories for adults and children. Her latest novel Shadows on the Grass has just been published by Penkhull Press and she is working on her children’s book City of Secrets to be released in October 2018.


Sherrie Lowe:  A Treasure Lost (Willow’s Dip #4). Publisher

“Nana Crashitt foolishly falls for the charms of the young man with the pretty face and the blue eyes whom she opens her front door to. Constanze her granddaughter has warned her about opening her door to strangers but Nana can’t help herself, she just has to see who’s there and he’s got such a lovely face. Not so his morose companion, but well, it can’t hurt to let them give her a valuation on her treasures can it?” (Available in Print and Kindle formats.)

A Treasure Lost is the fourth volume in Sherrie’s ‘Willow’s Dip’ series. After working in retail and as a learning support assistant in primary schools Sherrie Lowe turned her attention to writing. So far she has completed 9 novels, 2 memoirs and 2 collections of short stories. She was a runner up in The Sentinel/Staffordshire University’s Too Write competition 2017 for her short story ‘Arms of Angels’, which can be found in the Just A Moment collection.


Scarlet Eliot: Coloured Memories. Publisher, Book Printing, UK

“Memoir of 1940s childhood in Stoke-on-Trent. Annie belongs to a gang of kids doing what kids do – getting into scrapes and having adventures, and all the while attempting to understand the world of the ‘grown ups’ in a time of great turbulence.”   All proceeds from sales will be given to the RSPCA.

Scarlet Eliot is the pen name of Pauline Woodhouse,  a retired nursery nurse who was born in Newcastle and grew up on a council estate in Stoke. She loves reading, writing, travelling and learning. Since her retirement she has done studies Greek, English A level and O level Art in college and won a poetry prize in a national competition. She has two styles of thinking and writing- serious and opinionated or totally outrageous (nothing in between).


Also reading this month:

Lisa Culligan: writer, blogger, Life Coach and Hypnotherapist. Lisa recently won ‘Best Opening Line’ in  the Pottery Prize Flash Fiction Competition; an excerpt of which is featured on a postcard available at Hanley Library.  She is currently working Staffordshire Libraries to start a writing café in Stone Library- commencing end of March.

Kenneth Kay: is a retired primary school headteacher having worked in schools in Staffordshire and Norfolk. Ken has contributed to educational magazines as a book reviewer and writer on curriculum and management issues. As a headteacher Ken entertained his younger pupils with stories about living with a pet gorilla. He made his first appearance at 6×6 in December with a critique on modern gym culture.

Lynn Smith: Lynn’s fiction has appeared in publications such as The Sunday Post, My Weekly and Yours Magazine. She has been awarded prizes in  the Local College Poetry comp. (judged by Cheshire Laureat) and the Keele University Short Story comp. In recent times she turned her attention to writing a novel, which she hopes to complete very soon.




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    […] via All about this months 6×6 writers and their books […]


    […] via All about this months 6×6 writers and their books […]


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    This is always a great evening. I will enjoy reading from “Shadows on the Grass” and hopefully selling a few books too.


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